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Local Missions
With open hearts and out-stretched arms, we welcome others to join us in our quest to share clean water with the nations while spreading the Gospel of Christ.  Wellhouse Cafe has partnered with Water of Life International to adopt a village in East Africa, providing clean water to many.  The cost of a drilling a well is $2,750.  We understand that this partnership is a huge undertaking that couldn't happen without our Lord's provision and our faithful customers.
Global Missions
Water of Life International is a Christian non-profit organization devoted to providing fresh water to West Africa and India while spreading the Gospel.  For more information, please visit GiveFreshWater.org.
Your Tips & Donations Count

We joyfully donate 50% of our tips to support these ministries!
Our cafe has recently partnered with Habitat For Humanity to help create affordable housing to families in need.  Our desire to help our local community has spread beyond financial support, as our staff is dedicated volunteer time as well.  To find out more about Habitat and how you can help, please visit cvillehabitat.org.